TRAILER: ‘Asad’ - The Oscar nominated film featuring an all-Somali refugee cast

Set in a war torn fishing village in Somalia, an all Somali, refugee cast brings to life this coming of age fable of a Somali boy who is faced with falling into the pirate life, or rising above to choose the path of an honest fishing man.

Directed by Bryan Buckley

I haven’t seen this film, was made aware of it through an email sent to me, and whilst it’s great to see an all-Somali refugee cast receive an opportunity like this, and to have it highlighted internationally, I really hope that the film does not seek to completely delegitimize the plight of Somali pirates altogether.

You can read more about Somali pirates here and here.

Here’s what Somali-Canadian artist K’Naan had to say about this issue:

"A lot of people don’t like me for saying this but I’m in support of the pirates," K’Naan, 31, said in a radio interview earlier this year. “Massive western companies would come to Somalia and dump nuclear toxic waste containers on the shore because there was no government controlling the shorelines. So these pirates initially went into the ocean to make them pay for that sort of thing. So they just take everything for ransom. That actually helped us clear our environment.”


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